Mount Gravatt East Metal Roof Replacement

Before and after photos provide a stark contrast between an old and damaged roof and a brand new, safer metal roof. Replacing your roof adds to the value of your property instantly and also ensures the longevity of your roof structure.

Manly Metal Roof Replacement

Roo Roofing always carry out roofing works with every safety precaution in place. This roof replacement in Manly was no exception. Metal roof replacements give building’s an instant face-lift and add to the value of property, all the while protecting your home.

Kangaroo Point Metal Roof Replacement

Rust is the biggest enemy of metal roofing. Rust can happen when protective coatings on sheet metal roofing is stripped away or comes off over time. Damage to metal roofs can also cause rust to spread. This roof in Kangaroo Point was clearly in need of a metal roof replacement, with rust spreading across the entire surface.

Tin roofing

Yeronga Heritage Building Roof Replacement

Working on heritage buildings requires experience and close attention to detail. This heritage building in Yeronga was in need of a metal roof replacement, and Roo Roofing delivered a high-quality roof that was in keeping with the appearance of the building.

Mount Gravatt Metal Roof Replacement

A metal roof replacement to this building in Mount Gravatt gave it an instant face-lift and turned this gable roof into a long-lasting asset to the property.

Wynnum Metal Roof Replacement

Roo Roofing replaced the metal roof on this Wynnum property, paying close attention to the air ventilation and skylights installed on the roof.

Paddington Metal Roof Replacement

This property in Paddington received a full metal roof replacement and new roof ventilation, with extra care taken to affix their solar panel system.

Newmarket Metal Roof Replacement

Metal roof replacements give roofs a sleek and new exterior, but they also provide long-lasting and quality protection for your home from the elements. This Newmarket property received a full roof replacement to protect it for years to come.