Cellulose Fibre Insulation

What is Cellulose Fibre?

Cellulose Fibre consists of recycled newspaper pulp mixed with borax and boric acid. The product we install is Australian owned and made and is made to the Australian Standards.

Cellulose fibre has gained its reputation worldwide and is fast becoming the popular choice product

When you have Cellulose Fibre installed by Roo Roofing, we
provide the following product guarantees:

  • Guaranteed for the life of the structure
  • Guaranteed against vermin and insects
  • Guaranteed against movement
  • Guaranteed against settling
  • Guaranteed against compacting
  • Guaranteed against moisture
  • Guaranteed 100% fire resistance

Cellulose Fibre compared to Batts?

No matter how professional the installation of batts in your ceiling the nature of the product will always mean that gaps will be left, specifically with electrical and in-roof cabling. CSIRO have conducted studies concluding that as little as 5% gaps will create a 50% reduction in the efficiency of the insulation.

Fire resistance of Cellulose Fibre?

The Cellulose Fibre we install is 100% fire resistant and exceeds the highest of all Australian Building Codes. A visual demonstration of holding a blow torch to a handful of Cellulose Fibre shows the extraordinary fire resistance properties of this wonderful insulation. The Cellulose Fibre completely has zero spread of flame and provides the home an increased fire resistance.

A little more about Cellulose

The ‘R’ rating for Cellulose Fibre?

Insulation products all have ‘R’ ratings associated with them. This rating is a measure of the heat resistance offered by the product. The higher the ‘R’ value, the higher the level of insulation. Roo Roofing can custom install cellulose fibre to any R value required.

Acoustic benefits of the fibre?

Enjoy noise reduction from external (e.g. lawn mowers, cars, aircraft, etc.) and internal (television, stereos, laundry) noise sources with Cellulose Fibre installed in your ceiling. Due to the high density of cellulose fibre, it provides extremely high acoustic performance. This means a quieter and more comfortable home environment.

How is the Cellulose Fibre Installed?

Our professional tradesmen and staff will pump the Cellulose Fibre via your roof, then level the product off ensuring full coverage and maximum thermal efficiency, and secure your roof as good as new.

Does it blow around in your roof?

The Cellulose Fibre is manufactured so that it will not move nor blow around the roof cavity and will not compact or settle after installation. This has been proven through tests and over more than 20 years of experience installing Cellulose Fibre.

Why Choose Roo Roofing

Generations of experience

The oldest Roo Roofing tradesman is 72 years of age and has had over 55 years in the building industry. There are also three tradesman in Roo Roofing that have a working history with each other that goes as far back as the 1980’s.


Roo Roofing is proud that we now have a family with three generations and another with 2 generations working for Roo Roofing.

Up to a 36 yr guarantee

Roo Roofing uses only the highest quality products that come with the industries best available guarantees. Roo Roofing also provides some of the best installation warranties of up to 10 years.


Roo Roofing is fully licensed for the works and services provided.