Terracotta Tile Roof Restorations

Terracotta tile roofs are one of the most spectacular tile roofs money can buy. They come in many shades, shapes and colours and are considered to be a prestigious roof tile of high quality and cost. Roo Roofing loves the terracotta tile roof and restores these roofs with a passion and expertise second to none.

To restore a terracotta tile roof takes a different set of skills and products than what is needed to restore a concrete tile or metal roof. Roo Roofing has specialised staff for terracotta tile roofs that have many years of experience and expertise in dealing with what is a spectacular and grand looking tile roof once restored correctly.

Getting your terracotta tile roof restored by Roo Roofing has advantages over a restoration by most other roof restoration businesses. Roo Roofing is a licenced Builder which gives us a level of expertise mostly unmatched by a normal roof restoration business. Roo Roofing looks past the normal restoration works required and will often specify more underlying wear and tear repairs of the roof structure that others may miss.
This can include:

  • removing of older galvanised valleys and replacing them with newer improved designed Colorbond valleys
  • removing and replacing of existing older metal and led flashings and replace them with new improved flashings with improved designs
  • can also very occasionally include necessary structural repair works that may be required from years of moisture ingress and neglect.

There is no Terracotta tile roof that is beyond the huge collective of experience and expertise that Roo Roofing can provide. Our works have included Heritage Listed Hospital roofs, Heritage listed School roofs, Heritage listed Churches and hundreds of residential homes some with mind boggling extremely steep pitches.

So engage Roo Roofing to correctly restore your Terracotta tile roof and take comfort in the level of expertise we can provide to get the works specified and done correctly the first time around.

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Roo Roofing will inspect your roof and specify what works are necessary to make your roof better than new.

Tile Roof Repairs


Removal and replacement of valleys as required. Valley seal installed and valley tiles clipped. Replacement of cracked and broken tiles. Repair or replacement of any flashings. Repair of ridge and barge caps bedding with weep holes installed where required. All ridge capping is then fully re-pointed using flexible pointing.



Mould wash. High-pressure water blast using Roo Roofing specialised equipment to remove excess dirt, grime, moss, lichen and other contaminates.

Roof Coating


Once the roof has been prepared appropriately, the roof will then be coated with a specialised Terracotta glaze to strengthen tiles and provide protection.

Why Choose Roo Roofing

Generations of experience

The oldest Roo Roofing tradesman is 72 years of age and has had over 55 years in the building industry. There are also three tradesman in Roo Roofing that have a working history with each other that goes as far back as the 1980’s.


Roo Roofing is proud that we now have a family with three generations and another with 2 generations working for Roo Roofing.

Up to a 36 yr guarantee

Roo Roofing uses only the highest quality products that come with the industries best available guarantees. Roo Roofing also provides some of the best installation warranties of up to 10 years.


Roo Roofing is fully licensed for the works and services provided.