Tile Roof Replacement

The Roo Roofing team can replace any type of tile roof such as but not limited to Concrete Tile Roof and Terracotta Tile Roof. The Roo Roofing team has specialists tradesman in all types of structures whether they be a residential home, heritage home or building, high rise, industrial or commercial building.

Roo Roofing can supply and install any one of multiple roof sheeting profiles available to replace the old roof. Roo Roofing will advise on the best profile suitable for the pitch and also take into consideration any visual or heritage considerations of the building structure for that advice. We can replace the old roof using either Colorbond, Zincalume, Galvanised or even Stainless Steel roof cladding products.

Roo Roofing will supply and install the new roof to the highest standard which can include installation of new metal battens to insure that the roof cladding has the correct batten support. Tie downs provided to the entire roof structure to insure modern tie down standards. All flashings and capping scribed and finished to insure a professional, weather proof and vermin resistant roof cladding system.

Some older tile roofs are not restorable and do need to be replaced. Often Roo Roofing supplying and installing a new Colorbond or Zincalume roof is the most economical way to resolve the problematic roof. If for whatever reason you decide that you want to reinstall a new tile roof Roo Roofing is able to offer that solution as well. There are big advantages engaging Roo Roofing for your roofing project. Due to Roo Roofing’s years of vast knowledge and set of trade skills we will offer the correct advice and solution for your roofing renovation project.

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Why Choose Roo Roofing

Generations of experience

The oldest Roo Roofing tradesman is 72 years of age and has had over 55 years in the building industry. There are also three tradesman in Roo Roofing that have a working history with each other that goes as far back as the 1980’s.


Roo Roofing is proud that we now have a family with three generations and another with 2 generations working for Roo Roofing.

Up to a 36 yr guarantee

Roo Roofing uses only the highest quality products that come with the industries best available guarantees. Roo Roofing also provides some of the best installation warranties of up to 10 years.


Roo Roofing is fully licensed for the works and services provided.