Why Insulation?

Insulation acts as a barrier between different temperature zones, stopping or slowing the flow of heat and cold. It helps your home remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter, resulting in less power required for temperature control.

Roo Roofing can provide a full range of insulation types and styles from blankets, pump in and batts. Insulation can also come in a combination of types such as a roofing blanket commonly known as anti-condensation blanket. Roo Roofing’s roofing blanket comes with a heavy duty foil facing with a wadding of insulation attached. We believe the installation of a roofing blanket is vital when installing a new roof. It is often the only chance to have this very high performing insulation product installed.

Ceiling and wall insulation is also extremely important. Roo Roofing can provide a free thermal assessment for your home or building at the time of the quote. This will ensure you get offered the best performance insulation solution at the best value for your money.

See below a sample of various other types of insulation available.


  • Cellulose Fibre Insulation

    Cellulose Fibre insulation is considered to be the most efficient insulation on the market. Cellulose fibre has gained its reputation worldwide and is fast becoming the product of choice.

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  • Polyester Batts Insulation

    Proven for years as an excellent insulator in the toughest of climates, polyester batts are one of the safest synthetic insulation products available to insulate your home.

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  • Earthwool Insulation

    Earthwool offers significant improvements in terms of feel, handling & environmental performance while still delivering the outstanding performance you’d expect from our traditional mineral wool.

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