Are you looking to increase the value of your Brisbane home or building structure?

A roof replacement transforms your house or building structure’s appearance instantly and, by enhancing the look, it adds significant value to your house, streetscape or building.

Your roof is the first line of defence in protecting your home or building from the harsh Australian elements and your roof is your building’s biggest investment. We use quality products that provide durability and protection for a long standing performance against Australia’s harsh conditions. We also provide up to a 10 years installation warranty and provide manufacturer warranties of up to 36 years for your peace of mind with all roof replacement works.

Our team specialises in roof replacement in Brisbane and throughout South East Queensland.

Our Roof Replacement Types

Benefits of Replacing your Roof


A roof replacement protects the overall structure of a building.  Having a new roof dramatically decreases maintenance on a building and helps prevent serious and costly structural damage from moisture penetration.


Roo Roofing provides the best trade warranties in the industry and also only uses the best Australian made roofing materials that can come with warranties of up to 36 years.


Roo Roofing’s provides its customers with the benefits of years of experience and generations of expertise.  Roo Roofing is not just a roofing business but a qualified and licenced Builder, Carpenter, Joiner and Painter.  This provides you with peace of mind that no matter what the project or the works involved Roo Roofing will provide the best tradesman, solutions and workmanship available for your project.


A new roof makes a dramatic property value increase for a minimal comparative spend to other building works.  A new roof protects your building from moisture ingress and generally decreases maintenance on the entire building structure.  A new roof and gutters can provide a dramatic improvement in street appeal for  a building.


Installing a new roof offers a great opportunity to install specialised roofing blanket insulation.  Specified and installed correctly a Foil Faced Roofing Blanket (Anti-condensation Blanket) can provide significant thermal and acoustic benefits.  Roo Roofing can also specify ventilation which adds to the overall comfort and thermal efficiency of the building.


A new roof provides an ease of claim to your insurance provider in the case of a severe storm event such as a hail storm.  Whereas an older roof will often get rejected by an insurance provider in a comparative storm event.

Why Choose Roo Roofing

Generations of experience

The oldest Roo Roofing tradesman is 72 years of age and has had over 55 years in the building industry. There are also three tradesman in Roo Roofing that have a working history with each other that goes as far back as the 1980’s.


Roo Roofing is proud that we now have a family with three generations and another with 2 generations working for Roo Roofing.

Up to a 36 yr guarantee

Roo Roofing uses only the highest quality products that come with the industries best available guarantees. Roo Roofing also provides some of the best installation warranties of up to 10 years.


Roo Roofing is fully licensed for the works and services provided.