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Roofing – Explained! Download our Free Guide to Australian Roof Types.

Do you know the architectural difference between Queenslanders and a Workers Cottage? Or a gable and skillion roof shape?

Our free roofing guide takes you through the historical influences and architectural elements of Australia’s most popular house styles, plus we break down roofs types and materials to give you a better understanding of what will or won’t work for your home.

Our guide covers:

  • Australia’s house styles and their historical influences
  • The 6 most popular roof shapes
  • The 4 main roof materials in Australia
  • Your best roofing material options
  • All the factors to consider when choosing your roof

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At Roo Roofing, we believe that a strong, durable and aesthetically striking roof is paramount to the value and protection of your home or commercial property. Based in Brisbane, our company comprises decades of industry experience and peerless expertise.