Roof Restoration Darra

Roo Roofing provides roof asbestos removal, roof repairs, roof replacements  and roof restoration Darra and surrounding Brisbane suburbs. 

As the South East Queensland region continues to expand, outer-Brisbane suburbs like Darra are on the rise, both in terms of population and infrastructure.

Darra is situated 13 km south-west of central Brisbane and is a great area for homeowners, renters and businesses alike.

roof restoration darra aerial view

Roof Restoration Darra Services

Given the large percentage of older homes, repairs and roof restoration Darra area is in high demand. Most homeowners would know that your roof is the most valuable investment in your home. It’s your first line of defence in protecting your house from the harsh elements South East Queensland has to offer, like our increasingly destructive storm seasons.

A quality roof will protect the property for years to come, but a damaged roof will not only put you at risk, but it will also detract from the value and appearance of the property.

We specialise in all types of roof restorations, including the more difficult Heritage Listed buildings, homes with extremely steep roof pitches, and homes with unusual and rare roof types.

Roof Replacement

There are times when a restoration is not suitable for a roof, either because the damage is too extensive or the homeowner wants a complete overhaul of the roof’s appearance. In these cases, a full roof replacement is needed.

At Roo Roofing, we have extensive experience with all kinds of roof replacements, from metal roof replacement, tile roof replacement, asbestos roof replacement, and decramastic roof replacement.

We also provide up to a 10 years installation warranty and provide manufacturer warranties of up to 36 years for your peace of mind with all replacement works.

A Regional Profile of Darra

The name Darra is thought to be derived from an Aboriginal word referring to stones or was inspired by Darra Hill, near Aberdeen in Scotland. It has a train station and great local bus services and is situated next to the Ipswich Motorway and Centenary Highway, with an easy connection to Brisbane in the north and the Gold Coast in the south.

Know your Neighbours

According to the 2016 census, 4,343 people were living in Darra.

Here are the top 3 groups of people that live in the area, defining the type of lifestyle the area is known for:

  1. Families with kids
  2. Professionals
  3. Singles

What is there to do in the area?

According to Homely, Darra has a lot to offer, with many people saying the suburb is great for Internet access, cost of living, public transport, parking and eating out. Eating out, in particular, is loved by the residents of Darra, as it is rich with Vietnamese culture and has a large selection of sought-after restaurant options.

Darra also has many local parks and green areas, shops, cafes, a Woolworths supermarket, and regularly holds the Darra Street Festival for the local community.

The Darra Housing Market

Houses in the area are mainly Queenslander style and built in the 1940s and 1950s. These homes date back to the population boom during that time, thanks to new local employment and low house and land prices. Now as the suburb expands, subdividing blocks is becoming popular and it is making way for more modern homes.

As of August 2022, stats show that the median house price in Darra is $640,000 and the median rental price for a 3-bedroom house is $400 per week. These prices have been steadily rising for the last 12 months.

These prices are low compared to other Brisbane suburbs (particularly closer to the city centre) and this means that it’s easier for new homeowners to enter the housing market and things like renovations are more achievable.

Homeowners in Darra can take advantage of home additions like swimming pools or kitchen renovations, or if it’s need of repair, you can restore your roof or give yourself a whole new roof!

Our team is highly skilled and specialised tradespeople, who have been restoring roofs in Brisbane and throughout South East Queensland for decades.