Albion Heritage Roof Replacement

Roo Roofing was contracted to restore the roof of this picturesque chamferboard cottage home in Albion.

The Albion home was built in 1887 by Archibald McNish Fraser and was listed as a heritage building in 1992.

Fraser was a Scottish man who arrived in Brisbane in 1880. Having completed his building apprenticeship, he began contracting work in Brisbane. As he built up his building business, he decided to move into real estate.

Due to Fraser’s Scottish background, much of the glass and timberwork in the home incorporates Scottish thistles. The fanlights over the four doors to the front of the house incorporate the nicknames of three of his five children.

Due to these and many more heritage features, the Albion home required high attention to detail when it came to the carpentry, soffit and fascia work.

The Roo Roofing team worked diligently to replace the damaged areas with high-quality materials that would ensure the longevity of the roof. The restoration project was completed to the highest standard, ensuring that the homeowners were satisfied with the final result.

In the end, the roof restoration project not only improved the quality and durability of the roof but also brought the heritage home back to life.